Past colleagues & clients speak out about working with Prescott: 

Prescott is one brilliant dude, and I cannot wait to see what he cooks up, in any medium!
— JJ Abrams
It’s enough to make this sappy reporter tear-up in a crowded restaurant.
— Samantha Sharf, writing about my Simple video in Forbes magazine
I have nothing but great things to say about working with Prescott. Outside of being a person I enjoy being with, he has a great relaxed attitude on set and has a clear vision of what he needs to get things done. At the same time, he openly seeks input and involvement from all departments in order to better the piece.

He also has a very practical and patient approach to dealing with clients and ensuring they get what they want/need, but still staying true to his initial ideas.

Prescott is great to work with and I look forward to the chance to do it again!
— Bryce Fortner, Director of Photography, Portlandia
I really enjoyed reading the script: it was honest, simple and humorous. We’ve worked with a lot of agencies and there’s always a ton of back and forth. To have a locked script in round three is pretty astounding!
— Tiffany Liu, Sr. Director, HP Enterprise
You absolutely proved your expertise and delivered way, way beyond expectations in quality of the product and quality in the way you worked with us & communicated.
— Heidi Tretheway, Director of Marketing Communications, Urban Airship
In all the projects we’ve worked on, I don’t think I’ve ever had a project work as cleanly and as smoothly as this.
— Rich Schiano, VP of Marketing, OHC
I had the pleasure to work with Prescott on a wide variety of jobs. He is a “Swiss Army Knife” of talent. Depending on the client, project, campaign or scope of work, Prescott could confidently put his producer, strategist, videographer and/or photographer hat on. Though he excelled in all touch points within a agency environment, his true talent SHINES when it comes to video.

He knows the ins and outs of video and is willing and able to to lead or run support. Both our internal team and the clients loved Prescott’s energy, talent and work ethic. I hope that someday our creative paths cross again.
— Ryan Christensen, Director of Client Engagement, The Program
I had the pleasure of working with Prescott and the rest of the Epipheo (now Sincerely Truman) team on a pretty massive project while I was at Moz. We hired them to help us create a new homepage video for the rebrand from SEOmoz to Moz and also explain our new product (Moz Analytics). The project timeline was probably about 8 months and it was never anything but enjoyable working with Prescott and the rest of his team.

Prescott has a knack for keeping the project moving forward while still being sympathetic to unexpected challenges and needs that are sure to arise. His expertise and ability to keep all parties moving forward is second to none. I had a blast working with Prescott and his team and would love the chance to hire them again for a future project. If you’re thinking about working with Prescott, stop, just go and do it already. You won’t be disappointed.
— Justin Vanning, Director of Growth Marketing, HasOffers
Prescott possesses a unique combination of left and right brain abilities. On the one hand, he’s very creative and can quickly generate and develop great ideas. But he’s also able to manage timelines, budgets, and keep clients happy. A rare combination of invaluable skills.
— Nathan DeCeasar, Motion Designer, Cinco